Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

Washington Music Ministries|Student Orchestra


This is a condensed setting of the first movement of the Mozart "A Little Night Music" symphony - for student orchestra / ensemble. The music itself, although classical in nature, has a beauty that lends itself well to setting a peaceful, prayerful atmosphere for a worship service. Useable with few players, it was first performed by 13 K6-8 junior high players with a variety of skills, from some who were only in their 2nd year on their instruments, to some who had played 3-4 years in school groups. Some parts have both a normal, and very simple part on the same page, so the teacher can assign which part should be learned by which students, based on their level of ability. This means, a group of multiple levels of players can have a successful part for each player. The wise director can simplify the parts even further, by suggesting which measures a beginning player should try to perform. The piano accompaniment is very helpful for the students' overall sound.

Detailed Information:

Catalog #W078401
ComposerMozart, W. A.
ArrangerWalters, B.
Release Date1/6/1998
DifficulityGrade-2 (Easy)
InstrumentationInstrumental Parts, Score
SongsEine Kleine Nacht Musik